Muaz Razaq on being Muslim in South Korea

Arriving in South Korea with the aspiration of pursuing a doctorate in computer science, Razaq swiftly encountered the challenges associated with practicing Islam in a predominantly non-Muslim country. Initially, Razaq found solace in the presence of a Muslim community at KNU.

"When I reached Daegu, I was able to release the tension and worries of coming to a non-Muslim country because my friends helped me with everything, from renting a room to arranging the initial stuff (I needed)," he recalled.

However, he soon realized that his faith would require him to navigate a unique set of challenges, which were highlighted when he took on the role of a media representative for the Daegu mosque issue. The issue began more than three years ago when a group of students began the project of building a mosque. The project was met with resistance from locals, with some resorting to barbecuing pork in protest outside the construction site, and even online attacks.

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